The hotel requires a valid credit card number for all reservations.

The stay will be charged 24 hours before your arrival for the regular rate and at the time of booking for a non-refundable rate.

Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled.

Accepted cards:
VISA and MasterCard

Children’s rate:

under 3 years of age: free
4-15 years of age: $15.00 + taxes (per night)
16 years of age +: $23 .00 + taxes (per night)

For information, our Hotel is an historic building built in 1902, so unfortunately, we can not add an elevator.

Cancellation policy

Reservations can be cancelled or modified (subject to availability) until 24 hours before your arrival.

These conditions are not applicable on a promotional rate.

Otherwise the cost of the first night + tax will be charged.

• For no shows the entire stay will be charged



In light of the high traffic associated with the holiday season and IRONMAN events, our reservation policy is as follows:

• A minimum 2-night stay is required during the ½ IRONMAN in June.
• A minimum 4-night stay is required for all stays during the IRONMAN in August.
• A minimum of 2 nights is required for all reservations for the Holiday Season

• The total amount will be charged 3 days before your arrival

• In case of cancellation or modification, within 3 days before your arrival, the entire stay will be charged.

• No shows are considered to be late cancellations and are subject to the same charges. No refund will be possible.